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Mary Shaw Butterfield, Class of 1963

Greetings from Worthington (a suburb of Columbus, Ohio). My name is Mary Shaw Butterfield and I was at AIS only for a year and a half from Nov '60 to June '62. I started half way through my sophomore year and finished up my junior year. I was one of the Taj Barracks survivors that Jacqueline Singh referred to. Our classrooms were very small, but so was our class of 11. That made it nice when teams were selected, because there were minimal cuts and freshmen were a vital part. However if you tried to sneek in chocolate covered ants or bees (I don't remember which it was) you were likely to get caught! It also made it harder to pass notes. You certainly got to know everyone quite easily. Rick Odgers, Connie Brown, Bill Holcombe and Gordon Fisher were all in the same class. (I enjoyed reading Bill's letter). I know those 4 will be at the reunion and apologize that I am not able to make it. We have a daughter visiting us whom we don't get to see very often.

I remember intermurals, talent show, dances, trip to Sat Tal and the locusts along with good learning and friendships. I am sorry I did not keep in touch with anyone. Our stay in India was cut short by the sudden death of my mother. We left right after the end of the school year. Since my Dad worked for Goodyear, we went to Akron, Ohio and I finished my high school in Kent.

I attended Ohio University, studied Medical Technology and interned at Mt. Carmel Hospital in Columbus where I have worked on and off for the last 38 years. I still work 3 days a week and wonder if this will be the year that I retire. My husband John is retired from school administration, but immediately took on a second job. We both enjoy travelling, tennis and biking. I hope we get to travel more when we retire. We have 2 girls- Jennifer (30) an engineer, and Alyson (28) a kindergarten teacher. Both started out in Colorado, but now our older daughter is nearby with her husband and 2 dear grandsons. Alyson spent last year in Asheville, NC, but is hoping to get a job in Hawaii with a stopover in California.

I certainly hope everyone has a wonderful time at the reunion. I look forward to seeing the coverage on the website. I will send pictures later and hopefully plan on coming to the next one.

Best wishes,


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