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Alan Egler, Class of 1974

June 11, 2005

Regrettably, neither of my sisters nor I will be able to attend the 2005 Reunion next weekend. We are the Egler's - Alan '74, Karen '72 and Alice '76. We only spent 1969 and 1970 at AIS in New Delhi after spending two years in Calcutta. (Say hi to Mary Flanagan Novak for me next weekend at the reunion....she's done a great job tracking down and communicating with all our classmates from the American International School of Calcutta - AISC - as well as for our AIS in Delhi school). My sisters and I are all married with our own families; I settled in New Jersey, Karen is in Brentwood Tennessee, and Alice is in Holis, New Hampshire.

When I saw a few attendee names for the upcoming reunion from my era, three very specific memories were reborn. I couldn't resist writing to you to share them, in the hopes that you might be able to pass them along to the perpetrators. (I would have written to Mary (Flanagan) to share these thoughts, but she is incomunicato during her move from Utah to New Jersey.)

1. Paul Rieger '70 was hound-doggin' my sister, Karen; and upon our family's return to Pleasantville, New York, in 1970, he hitched down from college in Massachusetts (Holy Cross? BC?) to see her over Thanksgiving break and ended up bunking with snot-nosed me (probably not what he had in mind)....but he did take me downtown and bought me my first Playboy magazine.....(I kinda felt like Wally and The Beav'....Cleavers gone wrong)

2. David Briggs '74 lived up the street from me in Friend's Colony (East?). We rode the bus together, where David taught me to blow saliva bubbles off the end of my tongue......a talent that I have never lost. Ask him to show you!

3. Christopher Cool '74 and I played and pitched on the same Little League team (I think we were on the same team?). He could throw much harder than me, but you can tell him for me that I still think he threw like a girl!

Well, I hope everyone still has a sense of humor. Sorry I won't be around for them to retaliate at the reunion next weekend. Have a great time!

Best regards,



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