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9 June 2007

Charles R. Winter III Class of 1964

[Charles is Secretary for the class of 1964]

Charles R. Winter III
Charles R. Winter III

I was born April 18, 1946 in Williamsport, PA of Barbara and Charles R. winter II. They had moved to Williamsport from the midwest in the early 40's so he could take a job at Lycoming Motors division of Avco, a company that manufactured aircraft engines. My first 4 years were spent in Williamsport, untill my father heard about how you could raise pigs quite successfully by feeding them fruit. So my parents loaded most of their possessions into an old International coal truck, and moved to Jacksonville, Florida. I was four, and my brother was one. My dad started a pig farm, and fed them spoiled fruit from the railroad yards, because they would pay him to remove it. He lost his shirt as a pig farmer. The pigs all got "screw worms" and died.

So my parents pulled up stakes again, and moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where my father went to work for the Crosley/Bendix Division of Avco. We lived there until I was ten, when our next door neighbor, who was a pilot for a big construction company, came over and said, "I'm going to Pakistan. Want to come along?" to which my father replied, "When do we leave?"

We went to Karachi, Pakistan in 1956, where my father worked for a construction company called OFW, under contract to the Army Corps of Engineers, building roads and extending runways all over Pakistan. I attended the Karachi American School for fifth, sixth, and one third of seventh grade. After two years, OFW decided my father was too valuable to give him the three months home leave they had promised, so he quit and we made our way back to the states.

We came to Northumberland, PA, where my grandparents were living (Georgia and Charles R. Winter I), and where I attended another third of 7th grade.

My father got a job with what was then the International Cooperation Administration (ICA), which was the fore-runner of USAID. We were then stationed in Amman, Jordan, where I attended the American Community School (ACS) for the last third of seventh grade, and ALL of eighth grade.

Since there was no English speaking High School in Amman, I went to High School for three years in Dreux, France, on a US Air Force base to the Dreux American High School. then graduated from American International School (AIS) in New Delhi, India in 1964 when my parents were stationed in Kathmandu, Nepal. Went to Penn State for a year and flunked out. After I flunked out of PSU, I lived in Northumberland, PA for about six months, working in Hummels Wharf, PA at a truck stop, then in Watsontown, PA for the cabinet division of Philco. When my parents came home from overseas for home leave, they rented a house in Williamsport, PA, and I moved in with them and started taking correspondence courses to try to get back into PSU. Unfortunately, the draft board came after me. Wanted to make me a Marine and send me to Viet Nam. So I joined the Air Force to avoid the draft. They sent me to Syracuse University to learn Russian. In September of 67 I was stationed in Pakistan on a base my father helped build. Who'da thunk?

I was stationed in Turkey in Jan '68. My parents were in Ankara, Turkey at the same time. I went back to Syracuse in '70 for more Russian. While I was there, my dad died in Turkey and was buried in Norry, near my grandparents. My mom came back to live in Williamsport. I was stationed back in Turkey in '71 and came back and got out of the Air Force in Dec, '72.

I then moved to Silver Spring, MD and worked for McGraw-Hill Publishing, in their text division for a couple of years, tried selling Insurance for a few months and lost my shirt, then started selling heating oil. That I was good at, and was their #1 salesman for two years, and was broke all the time. So I decided to go back to what I was trained to do and joined up with NSA at Fort Meade, MD for the next 27 years. I met my wife in church in Silver Spring in '73 and we were married in Jan '74. We had three children, twins born in '77 and another in '80, all girls. My wife left me when she turned 40. She didn't handle it well at all. Divorce took place in '86

I retired in May, 2004 and moved back to Williamsport. I designed and had a house built that was wheelchair friendly, rescued my mom from a nursing home and she is now living with me. The twins are married and each of them has a boy and a girl.

While I was working for DOD, I was also working parttime moving office furniture, driving a forklift in shipping and receiving at the Agency, driving limousines and tour buses in Washington, D.C., working in a gas station, etc. etc. I am happy to be fully and completely retired.

The last driving job I had was for George Washington University, doing tours for prospective students and their parents, showing them how the city was our campus. That was the most enjoyable of all the jobs I have had. I did that for 12 years.


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