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Doug Taylor (known as Doug Hammond while in India) Class of 1981

Photo Gallery of Doug's India trip, May 2008

June 7, 2008

Doug Taylor family
Doug Taylor with his wife Anita and sons Nick and Joseph.

I attended AES from 1973-76. Following India, I moved to Northern Virginia where I have been ever since. My wife Anita and I will celebrate our 20th anniversary this next year. We have two sons, Nick and Joseph. They are truly the highlight of my life keeping me entertained, frustrated, happy, and everything in between. I currently work in the computer industry like every other good Desi.

During my time at AES, I was close friends with Jacob Dillon, Class of 1981. In fact, we were quite inseparable. My recollection is that both our names were typically used in the same sentence… while being sent to see the school principal, Mrs. Garg.

Last month I was lucky enough to finally make a trip back to India. What made the trip even more special was that Jacob was there with me. We have managed to stay in touch over the years, and our friendship hasn't missed a beat. I do not think I have used the words "remember when…" as much as I did during this trip. I was actually a little concerned about destroying memories by going back. Indeed things have changed; but the remnants of things that had not, and the memories that came rushing back made it worth the trip.

Jacob is in India for six months with his current job for a bank that has their call center there. He is helping bring operations up and get them steady. He also is trying to explain that it is pronounced "Visa" not "Weesa!" I took this opportunity to go back to India because he was there and I could see no better way for me to revisit the country than with my childhood friend with whom I used to roam the country.


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