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Tina Thuermer Class of 1969

23 April 2008

Tina Thuermer
Tina Thuermer during a recent trip to Savannah, Georgia.

Namaste everyone! I'm in my 22nd year of working as a teacher and alumni coordinator at the Washington International School in DC, a place where I finally felt that all the dimensions of my identity and experiences made sense and where I get to play with kids every day. I help students understand what is going to happen to them when they leave the acceptance and understanding of an international school and go out into the shock and trauma of the "real world," which I think many of us felt when we came back to the States.

My daughter Lexey is 25, spent a number of years working in the horse world and decided she didn't want to work six days a week, 12 hours a day for very little money. Although she will always be connected to the horse world, this year she is in photo school, which she has taken to with success and happiness.

I am thrilled to tell you that I will be taking a group of 11 children to Pondicherry [in South India] this summer to do Habitat for Humanity and to visit an arts preservation village, where we will stay for three days taking classes in the Indian arts.

My parents are about to celebrate their 60th anniversary this year (my mom is 87 and my father 90) and still live on their own in Middleburg, Virginia, about an hour from DC, where Kitty and I live. We feel privileged to still have them in our lives, and they look back on the Delhi days as among the best of their lives.


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