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13 April 2007

Cindy Shaw, Class of 1967

Cindy Shaw
Cindy, with her sons Ben and Shaw, in Washington, DC, October 2006.

It sure has been a long time since we saw and visited with many of our high school/ India people. The reunion in 1990? My brother, Ben Shaw, and I, Cindy Shaw, attended AIS in the late 1960's - graduating in 1969 and 1967, respectively - my, what a great time to have experienced both in India and the states!

Since then Ben and I have taken different paths in life but never straying far in the heart.

So, here's what happened in all that time: Ben came back to the states after graduation, got involved with the folks making music in the DC area, came down to sunny Florida where the Church of Scientology put him in a place he could live with. Ben has been with the Church since then and is now located in Clearwater, Florida. I don't see him enough but he is married to a beautiful spirit, Mary. Actually he is trying to contact a lot of the old friends from India and enlisted my help SO if you read this and remember Ben, please contact him.

I started off in California, after India, at an agricultural school. Real life got in the way of my career in animal sciences - so I started a family. We have a grand total of three boys, all grown up and semi-mature. I married my One-Person-In-Life and left California looking for work. We ended up in Florida also. Some of you may remember my mother, Bunny Shaw, who worked in the school office while my father was in Viet Nam. They had retired to Florida so that is why we all ended up here. John eventually found construction work here, and I stayed home with the babies until they were all in school. I then went back to school for a degree in education. Not so exciting as animal sciences but guaranteed to bring in a constant income. We had some good adventures along the way. I did that for about 17 years; then we bought 15 acres of native Florida ecology (sorta, 5 acres had been cleared), built a barn and a house and too many fences and now raise Paso Fino horses. I have been nicely successful in the show ring with the mares, have a colt ready to go under saddle, a baby due in a month, and two more next Spring. Could life get any better? I retired from the classroom a couple of years ago and have been mentoring new teachers to science since. People actually pay you to do that! I just had my very last day of work yesterday. Farm work is good hard work and oh-so rewarding.

Sadly, our mother passed onto another place this past October. I am attaching a picture or two. Enjoy life.

Cindy Shaw


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