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6 April 2009

Mark Higgins Class of 1968

Mark Higgins
Mark Higgins at the Sikh Temple in Delhi, 2007.

My time in New Delhi, at AIS, and the people there have always been very present in my mind.  I was from Burma (with John Henson, Anne Beattie, Doug Jimmink, Sandra Schnee, Andy Renard), a boarder and did my freshman, sophomore and junior years at AIS. Class of 1968. Indelible. I did my senior year in Washington, DC and then college at Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts; I met a girl from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, married, and moved to Madrid, Spain, in 1972 - I'd lived there as a kid in the late 1950's and loved the country and the people. I have been here ever since. Through two divorces, four children and a long bout of alcoholism, I'm dry of all substances since 1997. Spent almost four years in a detox program and came back into the world in 2000. Since then, I've been very lucky. I've been in Barcelona since 1985 and live a pleasant existance as a business consultant, trying to be some of those things I'd hoped when I was a kid in India... a better person.

Anyway, a trip to India in 2007 has moved me to look for old aquaintances. I went to see our old school and was shocked to find a huge walled-in compound like a fort in enemy territory with 10-foot high walls, security guards all over and almost impossible to visit. They don't have boarders anymore. But I did find the girls dorm (I'll never know how they put up with my constant pounding out three songs over and over and over!!!) I also found my way to the boys dorm. Unrecognizable...because in 40 years all the trees have grown and all the streets and cul-de-sacs are tree lined with very large (and old) trees. For those that may doubt their memory, the Indians are still a pulsating, life-filled, hungry, moving, active, exotic, sincere, ritualistic explosion of LIFE! The film Slumdog Millionaire gives a good picture. I found John Henson and through him, discovered the AIS alumni website. John and I got together in Phoenix last summer taking advantage of my yearly trip to see my Mom, who lives in Guadalajara, Mexico. The Wailers, the Simla trips, Rangoon, the swim club, Inya Lake, the people are very much present and alive. Get in touch!  I will dare to attach a pic at the Sikh Temple in Delhi.  Under the scarf, there ain't much hair. 



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