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6 March 2010

Ariela Michael Hakim Class of 1969

Ariela Michael Hakim
Ariela Michael Hakim with her husband Eli in China.


I now live in Geneva Switzerland with my husband Eli and two children, a son (29 yrs) and daughter (28 yrs).

I would love to join the reunion and meet everyone. Some, like Judy Isenberg and Sally neé Lewis I saw a few years ago but the others, I have not seen since 1969.  Unfortunately I will not be able to come.  I have got an association now, promoting education around the world; and in July, we are planning to organize a summer camp for Senegalese children. It is not fully confirmed yet; but if we will go ahead with the plan, I will have to be in Dakar at that time.  I will certainly keep the dates in mind; and in the event that I would be able to make it, I will let you know. In the meantime, my regards to whoever may remember me.

Warm regards,



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