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Connie Carpenter Class of 1963

20 March 2008

I am divorced, and live with a small Heinz-57 dog in a suburban house with a yard I am trying to turn into a natural-area/garden - North Carolina is in a major drought, so the plants are not cooperating, but gardening gives me great pleasure. My goals are to feed the wildlife naturally, and to stop mowing! Muffy prefers to pounce on the squirrels, dig up the moles and run after the rabbits, but she tolerates the birds and butterflies nicely... Now if I could just teach her NOT to roll in dead things... doggy-perfume means lots of bath-time!

My job is to provide systems and technical support for clinical-software computer systems. The software is for hospitals, and I have done this for ages and ages... design, write, document, install, revise, train and support. We were a small company, and I have done it all - which keeps me interested! We have now merged into a larger company, and my products will be phased out by 2010, so I will make a change at that point - No idea what that will look like!

My son is married and lives in Vermont with wife and daughter (and son-on-the-way). We don't get nearly enough time together, at that distance. He teaches school and loves it. I have one brother in Durham, 30 minutes away, and another in Virginia, a mere 4 hour drive. We try to get together often.

I also try to spend a good bit of time in the UK each year - and travel SOMEplace, pretty much all of my off-time! Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill has a thriving arts scene, and I enjoy the ballet, theater and concerts, even the occasional opera when I am home, but you cannot pay enough money to buy b-ball tickets to Duke games... and it is COLD at ice hockey games! I am also active with my Rotary club and local Food Bank.

I have really enjoyed re-connecting with Delhi classmates! For years I felt like I had lost that portion of my life - it was a disconnected piece of the puzzle. We really need to share those memories... taxi rides around town, shopping in Old Delhi, climbing in the ruins, sharing the rooftop with hamadryads, Dak bungalows with weird stand-here toilets, ashram weekends, censored movies and vacations in the Himalayas... Was it all real?



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