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Kiran Mehta, Class of 1974

Kiran Mehta
Kiran Mehta, center, with Deepak Sen and Mary Flanagan Novak at the 2005 reunion.

March 2006

It was wonderful to see so many classmates at the 2005 Reunion and wonderful also to read notes from so many others posted on the alumni website. Class secretary, Mary Flanagan Novak, is doing a great job drumming up business! Here goes for my life saga (to date):

Following graduation I entered Cornell University, and ran into classmate Malcolm Wilson on just about our first day as Freshmen. A blast from the past, since I had not seen him since eighth grade. Spent four cold but very rewarding years at Cornell and married a wonderful woman named Constance during the summer between my junior and senior years. (That would be 1977). Then on to Harvard Law School, from which I graduated in 1981. Spent a year in Baltimore clerking for a judge, then came to Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1982 to join a law firm here. (Constance is from North Carolina, although her home town is pretty far from Charlotte). Along the way we had two children -- John (now age 25) was born while I was still in law school, and Coleman (now age 24) was born while we were in Baltimore. We added a daughter after having been in Charlotte for a while -- Emily, now age 18.

Constance and I have been blessed with our children, as they have all managed to lead very interesting lives and have made our lives fuller as well. John took the circuitous route through college, starting at Cornell but leaving after two years, then entering Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, from which he emerged with a BA last year. He is working in Boulder for a construction/development company and is very much into "green" building and other environmental causes.

Coleman took the rocket route through his education -- skipped the 11th and 12th grades in high school and went to Simon's Rock College in Great Barrington, MA instead. He spent two years there, then a year interning at the State Dept in the Office of International Religious Freedom, and wound up at the University of Virginia from which he graduated in 2003. He entered a graduate program in history at North Carolina State University thereafter, receiving his Master's degree last year. He was married last November to a fellow UVA grad, whose name is Tammy, and they currently live in Arlington -- he works for the Dept of Homeland Security, and she is a nurse at Georgetown University Hospital.

Emily is a senior at the Cate School, which is a boarding school in Carpinteria, California. She has been there since her 10th grade year, but will be coming "home" next year to attend college at Davidson College, which is only about 25 miles from Charlotte. Constance and I are certainly looking forward to having her back on the right coast!

Constance is a teacher by training but recently retired from her job as a kindergarten teacher at one of our local schools. Although technically "retired," she still spends a considerable amount of time out there working on projects or substitute teaching.

The law firm I am with -- Kennedy Covington -- is one of the largest in the state. I practice in litigation (i.e., I sue people who deserve it and defend those who don't). If you want all the gory details of my professional bio you can get it at the firm's website, -- I won't go into it here.

Can't wait until the 2010 Reunion!



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