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Mark Poffenberger Class of 1968

19 February 2008

Thanks for the update on the reunion. Please send me Danny Kerr's email address. Don't know what happened to Katie. Did see Sue Lindhal in DC last summer and Denny Grossman recently. I was in the Class of 1968.

I'm still going to India three to four times a year. My organization, Community Forestry International, Inc. (CFI), is running community forestry projects in Meghalaya, Manipur, and Andhra Pradesh. Mostly, we work with tribal communities including Nagas, Kukis, Khasi's in the northeast, and Gonds in Adilabad District, AP. We are also working in Cambodia with Khmer people as well as ethinic minorities on the Lao and Vietnam borders. Still trying to help the forest peoples and protect Asia's last forests. It's an uphill battle, but we have our victories.

Kate and I live in Tahoe and have been buried in snow this winter. Our bears are hibernating now, so at least I can put the trash out at night for morning pick-up without worrying about midnight marauders!

All the best



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