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Jordan Weeks Class of 1984

Jordan Weeks with daughters
Jordan Weeks with daughters Scout (3), left, and Francesca (11).
After graduating in 1984, my family moved to Washington DC, where I spent five years trying to make sense of 80s American music, fashion, politics and culture.

Failing miserably, I followed an alluring lunatic to Austin, Texas. Paid rent as a book store clerk, record store clerk, camping supply clerk, preschool teacher, and nanny before opening an upscale Northern Italian vegetarian restaurant. We had a wonderful baby girl (Francesca); unfortunately soon after, her mom divorced me to marry one of the waiters.

I spent a year brewing for a local micro-brewery, then got caught up in the dot-bomb daze as a web specialist and technical writer. Met my wonderful (perfectly sane) wife. Three companies folded on us in as many years, so I turned to computer consulting to pay the mortgage.

We have two daughters - Scout (pictured above) and Piper, five months.

Austin's traumatized tech sector has finally started to recover; I found a tech-writing gig in a division of Siemens last month.

I've been lurking around this amazing website, in all its permutations, since the late-90s. Meanwhile, I've been terrible at keeping touch with my schoolmates, even when they come to visit (sorry, Ina). Still a little batty around the belfry, I guess. I'd love to give some back - AES shaped me in very important, special ways. I miss that life very much. Could do worse than retire, if not in Delhi, somewhere in India.



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