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Gail Deakin Teuscher Class of 1974

Gail Deakin Teuscher

February 2007

It was such a nice surprise to get a call from class secretary, Mary Williamson, saying she was looking for 1974 AIS alumni. Mary was able to locate me thanks to Roni Nagaich’s information regarding my dad. She proceeded to tell me about the upcoming class reunion in July 2007 in Philadelphia. I am very excited about it and look forward to seeing those of you who can make it. Seeing the familiar names on the list of classmates from the ’74 Encore!!!! newsletter brought many memories and a big smile to my face.

Our stay in New Delhi was from the winter of 1968 through the summer of 1971. Anne, my younger sister, and I didn’t know what to think when we first arrived in India. While riding from the airport to our new home, we saw elephants and camels walking down the side of the road, water buffalo plowing fields, and snake charmers luring snakes out of baskets on the side of the street. I cried when I got to India and I cried when I left. I cherished my time there. As E. Jason Broome class of ‘87 said, “We were just normal kids doing normal kid things. But we did them in India.”

My parents returned to Warner Robbins Air Force Base in Georgia in 1971 where my father retired after one more year in the service. I graduated early from high school in Newnan, Georgia about 30 miles southwest of Atlanta. I attended Georgia State University, got married, and received my associate degree as a Pediatric Assistant all by 1975. I met my husband, Mark, in Warner Robbins, GA and we are now living in Marietta, Georgia a city just northwest of Atlanta. I worked in a pediatrician practice for a few years but was constantly sick from being around children with sore throats, colds, and other contagious ailments. Mark suffered too! I went back to school and received my bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Shorter College (Rome, GA). I am working at The Coca-Cola Company headquarters in the Global Procurement department as an analyst.

Mark and I were not blessed with children, but we have 3 cats (one was an accident!). If you were to come see us right now and saw that we had one cat with 3 legs, one cat with one eye, and one plain old psychotic cat you would probably turn us in to the humane society. We paid greatly for these atrocities and fully expect the vet to name a wing after us when they add onto their offices. Actually, the 3-legged cat had a tumor in her left back leg, the 1-eyed cat was inadvertently locked up in the crawl space under our house for 3 days with an opossum (I guess they got hungry, cornered each other and had a big fight), and the other cat is just plain psycho.

Life is good in Georgia and my hope is that it is good wherever you are today. HELLO to all my classmates. I plan to keep in touch and hope you will do the same.

Take care… Gail

February 6, 2007


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