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Roy Sewall , Class of 1962

Roy Sewall
Roy Sewall, portrait from the dust cover of his book, Our Potomac.

I was in New Delhi from 1952 - 1956. As I recall, our school was the Delhi American School at the time, not AIS. They were waiting to get 12 students in grades 1-8 before starting the school, and I believe I was the 12th to arrive in Delhi. I had just turned 7, and this was my family's first State Department assignment. I was supposed to start in the 2nd grade, but our one teacher Ms. Jane Pearmine moved me up to the 3rd grade right away - probably from trying to figure out how to manage so many grades.

Some of my friends were Margie Atkins, Ellen Krueger, Ron Loftus, Hub Needham, and Tommy Lathrum. Hopefully I'll figure out the other names. I've been in recent touch with Ellen. I believe that Ms. Pearmine lived in the same compound as our family at 1 Bagwandas Road, where 7 families lived.

My sister Nym (now Shelley) is 8 years older than I. She lives in Gresham just outside of Portland, Oregon. In India days she went to Woodstock boarding school.

After India my family went to Karachi for 4 years, then Djakarta. There was no high school for Americans in Djakarta, so we were all shipped off to Brent School, an Episcopalian boarding school in Baguio, Philippines. Brent had 100 mostly American high school students, from Indonesia, Vietnam, Guam, Thailand, Cambodia, and a few other places. I was there for two years and graduated from high school from Brent in 1962. Brent graduates in the 1961 through 1964 range tend to keep in annual touch, and quite a few live in Washington.

After Brent I went to Case Institute of Technology, Cleveland, and graduated in 1967 with a BS in Physics. I received a MS in Engineering from Penn State, and then moved to the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., where I have lived since 1969. My first wife and I were married 8 years and had no children. My second (and current) wife Ase and I have been married 28 years. We have a son 27 (an independent movie-maker) and daughter 20 (an architecture student). We've lived in the same house in Bethesda since 1977.

Most of my career has been in engineering and business development, with the latest years focusing on GPS-based vehicle tracking systems. Six years ago I left the corporate world to go into home-based consulting, and have slowly ramped down my consulting while ramping up photography. I published a photo coffee table book 2 years ago. My passion is the Potomac River in this area, and I'm now working on a second book about a one square mile area around Great Falls.

A recent photo is attached, from my book.


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