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January 2010

Sally Schaeffer Ladouceur Class of 1968

Sally Schaeffer Ladouceur and husband Mike
Sally Schaeffer Ladouceur with husband Mike.

I am Sally Schaeffer-Ladouceur, Class
of 1968. I graduated from SUNY (State University of New York) Plattsburgh in
1995. My degree is in Speech Language Pathology Education of the Handicapped. Started my college days in 1968 at the
Beirut College for Women/American University of Beirut. I did not return to
the States till 1987. After my second
divorce, Mike and I lived together for
seven years as we were both gun shy.
We have been married for 10 years and I have one son, James Alexander, born in Bombay, India (Mike raised Jamie). Jamie has now been married for four years
and he lives in Louisiana with his wife Kristie.

For the past three years, I have been working in the Wellness Industry educating people on how, with Total Wellness, they can use all natural solutions to
prevent and address chronic problems. The company I am associated with has
been in business for 35 years, 20 years in the States and is Japanese. I got
involved in this business because I had cancer and needed to move away from traditional medicine as much as possible. I am building a great team of people
who are like me. They want to be owners of their own health. Nothing mystical
about it nowadays. After all, we were surrounded by it in India and took it for granted then...Now, here it is being accepted in the States. Isn't life grand?

Here is a recent picture of Mike and me. I just turned 60, but I tell everyone I am
only 29 and will live to 120.


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