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posted 10 December 2018

Photo taken and contributed by
Kshitij Ahuja (AES Faculty)

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posted 9 December 2018

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posted 7 December 2018

In addition to filling two vacancies on our Board of Directors, please welcome new Director, Lisa Jordan,
AES Class of 1987. Lisa was born in New Delhi and
lived there for the first three years of her life. Her
family returned in 1983, and she attended AES from 1983-87. She was active in theater, and has fond memories of the hours spent practicing in the gym. Lisa has been communicating actively with her "80's decade" of classmates over
the years and recently hosted two mini-reunions. She is a freelance writer and editor. Lisa lives in the Washington, DC, area with her husband and children.

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posted 7 December 2018

We are happy to announce that we filled two vacancies on our AIS/AES Alumni Association Board of Directors. Our new Vice President is Jason L. Becker, AES
Class of 1989; and our new Recording Secretary is Katherine Arens, AES Class
of 1979.

Jason, who became a Director on our board in 2013, attended AES
for 11th & 12th grades and was in India off and on from 1987-1991. During his tenure at AES, he was most active in music and theater.
He actively helped organize our all-school 2015 Reunion and is the alumni secretary for the Class of 1989. Jason currently resides in Virginia with his wife and daughter.

Katherine Arens, who became a Director on our board in 2017, attended AES for middle school from 1973-1975. Katherine currently works as a consultant for an innovation strategy firm located in Washington, D.C. and in Alumni Relations at the University of Mary Washington. She also served on the Board of Directors of two local arts organizations. Katherine currently resides in Virginia.

Read more on Jason and Katherine on our Board Page.

posted 3 December 2018

Daniela Avitabile (AES Class of 1977) and her husband recently met
up with Sanjeev Handa (AES Class of 1979) at Matsya, a wonderful Indian restaurant in London. Daniela reported they had a great time catching up! Photos taken on 6 November 2018

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posted 26 November 2018

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posted 23 November 2018
posted 20 November 2018 (on Facebook)

Author Aarti Kelshikar recently had a book event at the American School Mumbai and is planning a similar one in Delhi.

"How India Works: Making Sense of a Complex Corporate Culture" fleshes out the cultural nuances that impact the way Indians work
and should be an interesting read for expats working in India and
for Indians who have repatriated. This book is available on Amazon India, Amazon International and Indian Bookstores.

From Aparna Mohan Dhawan (AES Parent): It is increasingly accepted that to work successfully across cultures, it is important to understand the drivers and the complexities of the respective culture. The book 'How India Works: Making Sense of a Complex Corporate Culture' facilitates this understanding. Published by HarperCollins, the book fleshes out the cultural nuances that impact the way Indians work. Based on interviews with Indians and expatriates from 13 countries who have lived and worked in India, How India Works offers outsider and insider perspectives on the psyche of the Indian in the workplace.

Read more about the book and author by Mrs. Dhawan.

posted 22 November 2018

APRIL 1966
THIS issue is about women. With the press all over the world eagerly writing about India's
new Prime Minister, we decided to reprint an interview with Indira Gandhi which is perhaps more significant today than when it was published in News Circle in November, 1961. "History has seldom left her alone'' Barbara Lazarsky wrote five years ago and goes on to give perceptive insight into the personality of the lonely, remarkable woman who so recently assumed one of the highest positions held by
a woman in modern times.

Please click on this link to read more from Stevens Parr (Class of 1967) and to read this magazine.

posted 19 November 2018

MARCH 1966
In this issue Mrs. Bowles describes with affectionate understanding her experiences
as the only foreign guest on Shastrijis funeral train. It is a stirring story and News Circle is
very proud to have been' given the honor of publishing this poignant account of a sadly memorable journey.

Please click on this link to read more from Stevens Parr (Class of 1967) and to read this

posted 18 November 2018

Kabir Sethi (AES Class of 2020) has been attending AES since Ele-
mentary School and is currently a junior in high school. He is a passionate musician and debater, serving as the President of the
AES Tri-M Music Honor Society and the Head Captain of the AES MESAC Debate and Forensics Team. In addition, he is an avid writer and computer science geek who loves taking on challenges. Please help us welcome Kabir, who volunteered in advance and is eager to serve as the Class Secretary for the AES Class of 2020.

"I have been attending AES since I was very young, so young that I remember the original campus with just the three Stein buildings and the former Gymnasium. As I grew older however, I watched the cam-
pus continually change and expand, adapting and evolving to the needs of the modern world. Read more on Kabir's attempt to keep his AES memories alive.

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